Hyderabad woman held at airport could be Islamic State recruiter, says officials


The police at Rajiv Gandhi international airport at Shamshabad on Friday arrested a woman,Afsha Jabeen, who is alleged to be involved in recruiting youth using online platforms for the Islamic state.

The 38-year old woman is also accused of influencing a Hyderabad resident Salman Mohiuddin to join the Islamic State.

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An official said that a US intelligence agency was keeping a watch on Salman’s movements after finding that he was frequently visiting the websites of ISIS and jihadi websites. He added, “Salman, who worked at several places including a car rental firm and pharmaceutical company in Houston for last many years, had come to Hyderabad last October. He had also left messages on ISIS websites and on social media pages of jihadi groups in Syria.”


On January 16 this year, Salman Mohiuddin was arrested by the police just before he boarded a flight to Dubai. The man who is in his early 30s, reportedly told the police that a woman posing as a British national, with the name Nicky Joseph, had met him online and claimed that she was in love with him and would elope with him from Dubai. Together, they planned to move to Syria to join the IS.

During the investigation it was found out that the woman who had introduced herself online as a British national Nicky Joseph is actually an Indian with the name Afsha Jabeen and hails from Hyderabad’s Tolichowki area.

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Salman later opened several Facebook accounts of ‘Nicky Joseph’, who he claimed was a British national living in Dubai.

The officials who arrested them said, “Both of them indoctrinated and motivated several youths via social media platform to get attracted towards the activities of ISIS and Jihad.”

A case has been filed against them under the prevention of unlawful activities act.

A graduate of Shadan College, she is married and was living with her husband in Dubai where she got attracted to IS and started recruiting people to join them. She befriended Salman and both of them were actively involved in indoctrinating youth.


  1. hmm, i don’t know if it would be the case here or not, but just hypothesize this : A muslim who is concerned about influence of IS on his/her friends and family, starts checking out their material so she/he can build up a solid case against them. Posts criticism on their websites / social media lambasting what they’re doing. But the US Intelligence agencies only see that she/he is visiting the sites, and posting things in the discussions. And then arrests this person, and with all the unfair practices being justified, no one hears her/him out, and something brutally horrible happens to this person, maybe she/he is locked away for life, or is sent to GitMo and tortured as agencies try to get intel out from her/him. And then all the friends and family that this person was trying to convince not to join IS get pissed off with the injustice and join IS anyway.


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