Hyderabad Police’s Venkatesh Naik and V Pratap Singh lay down service cap for Muslim worshippers


Police officials often get flak from public for not doing their job right in India, but the recent Eid in Hyderabad told a different story. Two constables from Hyderabad Police, Venkatesh Naik and V Pratap Singh, won million hearts for their kind gesture towards Muslims, who were performing Eid prayers.
hyderabad polices venkatesh naik

Naik and Singh were on duty as thousands of worshippers gathered in the city to offer special prayers. With crowd swelling up, many had no option but to perform their religious duty on the adjacent roads.

They used cardboards and papersheets as prayer mats, but it being a windy morning, they started flying off their original positions. Naik and Singh understood their sensitivity attached to the situation and realised that they needed to intervene.

One of them put his service cap on the sheet while the other was constantly arranging the makeshift mat by holding the cardboard sheet down.

“It was windy, so I put my uniform cap on the paper sheets to prevent them from getting blown away. Since they were offering namaz, I did not want them to be disturbed. I did not want the man to put his head on the road,” Naik, who joined the police force in 2010, was quoted by Times of India.

He added, “As part of my duty as a policeman, I have to respect all faiths.”

Naik, for his part said, “It was an important day and a vital namaz for Muslims. I would have done the same for anybody. When we are on duty, we are taught to think of everybody as one, be it a Hindu or Muslim. We are trained to be like this as policemen.”

The two police personnel have become stars of sorts on social media platforms, where users are showering praises on them for upholding the values of religious harmony.

Here are some comments:

Muzammil Bahmed: Feel prode to be citizen of telangana, I don’t have words to thank our secular,dynamic,extraordinary,humble,brave police of state especially hyderabad. We are sleeping peacefully because of you people thank you…

Prasad Reddy: Thank you sir kind support of Hyderabad and scunderabad and cybrabad and Rachakonda all ways number one police in the India great job sir hats off to great Hyderabad City Police officers and thair Team Members men and officers.

Siddhartha Ghosh: Wish you all a Happy Eid. Hyderabad and Telangana is the best Place to stay. Also we love Telangana police.

Sheikh Haji: Our police not only police also great human being , today we can see in video of our kindness Identity​, we all proud of our Hyderabad police. Jai Hind and Eid Mubarak to all.


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