Hundreds of soldiers called in as ‘unprecedented’ UK flood situation worsens


Amidst worsening flood situation in UK, Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to face tough questions when he visits communities affected by unprecedented deluge in the north of England.

Britain Sky News reported that Cameron promised to “help people in their hour of need.”

According to BBC, some 500 soldiers have now been brought in to deal with “unprecedented” flooding in Yorkshire and Lancashire, while a thousand more are on stand-by.

Rescuers have been evacuating homes in York where water levels are still rising, and thousands of people in north-west England are without power.

There are scores of flood warnings in England, Wales and Scotland – more than 25 severe, meaning danger to life.
On Sunday, the government said it was deploying a further 200 soldiers to affected areas on top of the 300 who were already on the ground.

After chairing an emergency conference call of the government’s emergency committee Cobra, the prime minister said the “level of the rivers plus the level of rainfall has created an unprecedented effect, and so some very serious flooding”.

“We will do everything we can to help people in this, their hour of need,” added Mr Cameron, who is expected to visit some of the flood-affected areas on Monday.

Meanwhile, UK’s Environment Agency has said that there was an urgent need for a “complete rethink” of the UK’s flood defences following unprecedented flooding across northern England.

Deputy chief executive David Rooke said that increasing resilience and improving warning systems were vital in the face of future “extremes” in weather.

The River Ouse is around 5.1m above its normal summer levels but the Environment Agency (EA) said its level has now peaked.

The EA has 24 severe flood warnings in place for the North East and three severe flood warnings in place for the North West, meaning there is a danger to life.


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