Huge gaffe by PM Narendra Modi after he calls goddess Kali as Durga, faces outrage on social media


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often faced criticism for misrepresenting facts in his public speeches. While some of his political opponents allege that Modi deliberately resort to misrepresentation of facts to extract electoral mileage, others attribute this habit to his questionable educational qualifications.
Narendra Modi

The prime minister recently faced one more round of public ire for passing off Goddess Kali as Durga while wishing everyone of the occasion Dussehra, a popular Hindu festival. He wrote, “Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Durga Ashtami. May Maa Durga fulfil everyone’s aspirations, further the atmosphere of joy and eliminate all evil from our society. Have a blessed Durga Puja!”

However, the two photos that PM Modi posted along with his festival greetings were of Goddess Kali. The development did not go down well with his followers and other devotees, who began to give him grief for his gaffe. One user Akshat wrote, “Dude that’s not even Maa’s Maa Kali, and Kali Puja is still 15 days away!! atleast know your Gods on whom you are trying to mint votes.”

Another user Shuvankar Mukherjee wrote, “This id**t doesn’t know the Difference between the Maa Kali Idol and the Maa Durga Idol ..Gadha Maa Kali is worshiped on a special New Moon Night .. Diwali ..Navratri is for Maa Durga, Even an Atheist like me knows this. Know #HinduIcons first .. Then shout “I am Hindu, Hindu”..”

User ‘Irony of India’ posted a collage of two photos highlighting the difference between Goddess Durga and Kali.

Both Durga Puja and Kali Puja are huge annual events for Bengalis across the globe. This gaffe by Modi is bound to be used by his political opponents in West Bengal, where the prime minister’s party, the BJP, is desperately trying to gain foothold.


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