Huge controversy after BJP MLA compares Dalits to pigs


Dogs, puppies and now pigs, the BJP as a political party appears to carry special affection for these animals to often use them to describe their love for minorities and weaker sections in society.

A BJP MLA in Maharashtra, Ravindra Chavan, has compared Dalits in India to pigs.

While speaking at an event Smart City in Kalyan in Thane, Chavan told the crowd how on one occasion Abraham Lincoln had picked up a piglet from a drain and cleaned.


Chavan said that just like Lincoln, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Devendra Fadnavis too were working hard to uplift Dalits.

Angered by the seemingly bizarre comments by an MLA, the Dalit organisations have now demanded apology from Chavan.

The district unit of NCP, according to India Today, went a step ahead by  organising a “Naming Ceremony” of a pig and named it Ravindra Chavan as a mark of protest.

The MLA has since then gone incommunicado.

In the past, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had compared Muslims with puppies and his cabinet colleague, General VK Singh, had used ‘compared’ Dalits to dogs.

On 22 October, General VK Singh, had caused yet another controversy with his insensitive statement making light of the gruesome murder of two dalit children in Haryana.

The former army chief implied that the burning of dalit children in Haryana was as small an incident as hitting a dog with stones.


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