How one channel ‘exposed’ another’s alleged propaganda on Kanhaiya Kumar


ABP News on Thursday released a video countering the point highlighted by rival NewsX channel which appeared to imply that the JNU students union leader Kanhaiya Kumar had indeed raised anti-India slogans.


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In the above tweet, News X had written “Hum leke rahenge Azaadi, Hum chheen ke rahenge Azaadi”. Although they missed to mention the actual slogan raised.

NewsX had claimed it as a major scoop only to be countered by ABP journalist Abhisar who challenged the channel to release the full video.

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Congress advt 2

Minutes later ABP carried Kanhaiya Kumar where he was heard chanting slogans in favour of freedom but it wasn’t about freedom from India but social issues such as hunger, communalism, feudalism, Sangh ideologies etc.

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