Read how Assam Police thwarted science teacher’s attempts to kill three-year-old child during puja and naked dance


Police in Assam have thwarted an attempt by one science teacher, identified as Jadav Saharia, for attempting to kill a three-year-old child as part of a human sacrifice ritual. Police were quick to arrive and rescue the child, whose parents are Saharia’s relatives. The incident took place in Kushalipara area of northern Assam’s Udalguri district.

human sacrifice

According to reports, Saharia and seven other members of his family including the wife and son stripped naked and set their house on fire before attempting to kill the three-year-old child.

The locals, according to the New Indian Express, made desperate attempts to stop this bizarre act, but they were attacked by the nude family with machetes and other weapons. Cops were called in, but they too were attacked by the family. Faced with a desperate situation, the police had to fire several shots to bring the situation under control. Saharia and his son were injured in the police firing and had to be admitted to a hospital. Two journalists covering the incident too were also injured.

Udalguri Deputy Commissioner (District Magistrate), Dilip Kumar Das told New Indian Express, “They have to be psychos or else who will strip in the open in a residential area. The teacher’s daughter had committed suicide earlier and perhaps, the members of the family developed a psychiatric problem after that incident.”

Villagers also alleged that the baba, identified as Ramesh Saharia, had been conducting tantric rituals in the house since the suicide of a girl there three years ago. Police have also arrested Ramesh along with other members of the family.

Had police not arrived in time, the priest, Ramesh Saharia, was ready with his long sword to sever the child’s head, added news agency PTI. He had reportedly begun his puja to carry out the child’s sacrifice until local residents raised the alarm.


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