Home Ministry ‘won’t comment’ on passport controversy surrounding PM Modi’s wife


Indian home ministry has refused to comment on the passport controversy surrounding the estranged wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This was after reports emerged that Jashodaben had filed an RTI request with Regional Passport Office(RPO) in Ahmedabad seeking details about the marriage-related documents Modi had submitted to get his passport when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

When contacted, a visibly rattled Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s office told jantakareporter.com that ‘we have nothing to comment. We don’t know anything about it.”

The officer, who refused to identify himself, appeared in a hurry to hang up the phone.

When asked if he the ministry had taken a decision not to comment on the development, the officer answered in affirmative saying,”haan, ham koi pratikriya nahi denge is par (Yes, the ministry will not react on this development.)”

Regional Passport Officer ZA Khan  on Wednesday was quoted in media as saying, “Jashodaben came to the office today and filed an RTI application related to her passport. We will give her reply in due course.”

In November, Khan had refused to admit Jashodaben’s passport application as it was deemed to be incomplete.

“As per rules, when someone claims that she is married and wants to have a passport with the married name, one has to produce a marriage registration certificate (if the marriage was solemnised after 2006) or submit a joint affidavit with the spouse,” Khan was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, an Ahmedabad activist, has written to the union home ministry asking for PM Modi’s passport to be cancelled.

Roshan Shah, in his letter to home ministry, wrote, ”

PM who did not declare his marital status with Jashodaben in prior to 2012 affidavits  has surprisingly got passport on which he has been traveling abroad. Apparently in 2014 Modi declared that he was married. Even trial court adjudged that Modi had committed a crime by not declaring marital status in affidavit.
“It is submitted that Jashodaben has filed fresh RTI to get documents of her husband. As  legal wife who is not divorced or separated and one who is still married to PM Modi, she is entitled to get copies of her husband passport and supporting documents including but not limited to marriage certificate, address proof,etc that were submitted when Modi applied for his own passport.”
Shah said that since ‘PM  also may not have submitted marriage certificate and other required documents and if so PM’s passport should be immediately seized.’



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