On Holi, Narendra Modi decides to follow Arvind Kejriwal on twitter, Delhi CM says ‘Thank You’


It may be a news to many of you but, as it emerged on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasn’t following Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on twitter.

That, however, changed on Thursday, the day Indians were celebrating Holi, the festival of colours.

Kejriwal tweeted, “Sir, thank u for following me. Happy Holi. आज गिले शिकवे भूलने का दिन है। Hope better Centre-Delhi cooperation in future (sic)”

Modi, from his personal twitter handle @narendramodi follows 1371 people, that include several leaders from rival parties such as Captain Amrinder Singh and Prithviraj Chavan of Congress and Sitaram Yechury from the CPIM.

His @narendramodi account has 18.8 million followers, while Kejriwal has 7.28 million.

People Modi’s followed for a long time also include many of his supporters.

Among the media persons followed by him are several BJP sympathisers including the Zee News editor Sudhir Chaudhary.

Here are the notable accounts that Narendra Modi follows on twitter and their possible reasons:

@RealHistoryPic: A newly launched twitter account, which takes sarcastic dig at politicians of all hues including Modi using historical perspective. This clearly shows that our prime minister does enjoy humour.

@NitishKumar : His bete noire in Bihar and Modi’s rivalry with him is well known. This shows that our prime minister does possess statesman-like trait. 

@sudhirchaudhary: Controversial journalist with Zee. Modi allegedly likes him a lot. This shows the love and respect for ‘free speech’ our prime minister has.

@Kailashkher : A singer, who too publicly expressed his support for Modi on several occasions. But Modi following him doesn’t have anything to do with his support for the saffron party. We would like to think that it’s because the prime minister loves to listen to composition such as Allah Ke Bande…

@SitaramYechury: Following Comrade Yechury clearly demolishes all those allegations hurled against our prime minister that his government was anti-JNU leaders Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, all left leaning student leaders.

@BritishMonarchy: We have no idea why our prime minister follows this account. We don’t even want to hazard a guess here.



  1. “@BritishMonarchy: We have no idea why our prime minister follows this account. We don’t even want to hazard a guess here.”

    Because our PM is a too practical person.Want to learn the power of overpowering

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