This Hindutva leader thinks Kanhaiya will become a medical doctor after completing his PhD from JNU


Ever since the JNU Students’ Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar chanted slogans in favour of making India free from RSS, his has become a prime target for right-wing Hindutva organisations.

While some announced a bounty, others allegedly asked his tongue to be slit because of his perceived hatred towards the Sangh.

Stepping up the ongoing attack against Kanhaiya, a little-known Hindutva body has now expressed grave concern over the JNU students’ leader’s ability to treat patients after he completes his PhD.

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That’s because Veer Sena thinks Kanhaiya’s doctorate degree will make him a doctor of medicine.

A report in The Hindu quoted the Veer Sena’s Niranjan Pal as saying that he was incredibly worried about the “treatment that will be meted out to his patients” once he completes his doctorate.

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“We know that he (Kanhaiya Kumar) is pursuing his Ph.D from JNU and he is threatening to break the nation to pieces. How can a person like him serve the patients who will approach him after he becomes a doctor,” asked Pal of the Veer Sena, part of a group of right wing organisations which have vowed to stop Kanhaiya from addressing a crowd in Mumbai on 23 April.

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Pal was reminded that Kanhaiya was studying literature and not medicine, but it didn’t have any effect on him.

He said, “So? He will become a doctor anyways and patients will approach him.”




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