Prashanth, bakery shop owner, arrested in Chennai for promoting Islamophobia


Police in Chennai have arrested a man, who promoted his bakery products by taking pride in declaring that his firm did not employ Muslims. The 32-year-old man, identified as one Prashanth, ran Jain Bakeries and Confectioneries in Chennai. He had shared a pamphlet flaunting his Islamophobia on WhatsApp.


His pamphlet read, “Made by Jains on orders, No Muslim staffs (sic).”

A police complaint was filed against the company for depicting Muslims in a poor light and promoting religious hatred. He was immediately arrested and cops have launched a probe.

This comes amidst Hindutva fanatics launching a coordinated campaign to carry out the economic boycott of Muslims amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Among those providing tacit support to these fanatics are the members of the BJP IT Cell and Hindutva militant TV anchors. IT Cell members and Hindutva militant TV anchors were responsible for launching a campaign to demonise India’s Muslims for the spread of coronavirus.

At least two BJP lawmakers were caught on camera promoting the call for an economic boycott of Muslim vegetable and fruit-sellers.

Recently, the Mumbai Police had arrested a Hindutva bigot after he refused to collect his groceries that he had ordered online since the delivery person was a Muslim.

Last month, the Jharkhand Police had to move swiftly to act against communal fruit sellers in Jamshedpur after they displayed banners declaring their shops as being approved by the militant Hindutva outfit VHP. The fruit-sellers were booked under Section 107 of the IPC.


  1. If Halal is legal which employs only Muslim butchers and keeps interest of Muslim customers in mind, then whats wrong when other religions ask for the same.

    It’s not Bigot Prasanth, its Bigot reporters who do one sided reporting.


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