Dadri: Hindus come to help Muslim man’s daughters’ wedding


To rekindle the peace in Dadri, which has seen the communal harmony in the area considerably disturbed because of the lynching of a Muslim man, Hindus of the village have decided to fund Muslim’s wedding.

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The two daughters of Hakeem, a Muslim villager in Dadri, got married on Sunday, with a group of local Hindus in the village taking care of taking care of some of the wedding expenses.

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The two girls were expected to be married on October 11 but due to the recent tension in the village, the Hakeem  family decided to move their wedding somewhere outside the village. However, some village elders convinced them to not shift the venue while a group of Hindus decided to lend a helping hand and took over the arrangements for the food and tent.

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Though, food was strictly vegetarian, nobody complained as the message of peace was simply too overpowering.

Father of brides said, “Our village is like one big family . We always extended help to each other in trouble.Hindus from the village are helping me financially and physically . It feels like they are marrying off their own daughters,.”

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The family of Mohammad Akhlaq- the Muslim who was lynched to death last month based on rumours that he had stored and eaten beef inside his house- had maintained that they lived in the neighbourhood peacefully for years without any communal disharmony.



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