Himachal High Court chief justiice calls for increasing awareness about drug abuse


Himachal Pradesh High Court Chief Justice Mansur Ahmed Mir on Thursday called for creating greater awareness about drug abuse among youth as it has detrimental impact on the society.

Inaugurating the ‘Awareness programme on drug addiction among Youth,’ organised by District Legal Services Authority, Shimla under the aegis of Himachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (HPSLSA), chief justice said the purpose of such programmes is to increase awareness of the drug misuse among the children and the youth.

The teacher can play very important role in this field and the problem of drug abuse can be contained by making concerted efforts by all the stakeholders of the society, he added.

Chief Justice said the “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that approximately 5 per cent of the World’s population use the illicit drug and 27 per cent of the world adult population can be classified as problem drug users”.

It has been estimated that total cost of world drug abuse is USD 100 to USD 200 billion or 0.3 to 0.4 per cent of the global GDP, he said, adding that incidents of drug abuse in children and adolescent is higher than the general population because for youth it is a time for experimentation and identity formation.

He said in Himachal Pradesh 29.3 per cent youngsters in the state are found to be addicted to cigarette, gutkha and khaini while 24 per cent are found alcoholic, as per study conducted by IGMC, Shimla.

The percentage of those taking cannabis is 20.8 per cent while 3.4 per cent youngsters have been found to be addicted to opium.

Justice Sanjay Karol, Executive Chairman, HP State Legal Services Authority said that 520 students from 30 schools of Shimla district were selected by the District legal services authority to participate in this awareness campaign.

He said HPSLSA has chosen two district of Shimla and Kullu to start the awareness campaign on drug addiction among the students.


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