BJP slams Congress over the rape of Israeli woman in Himachal


BJP in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday slammed the state government over the rape of an Israeli national in Manali saying it is a fresh evidence of failure of law and order machinery and a matter of shame for the state.

“The rape of an Israeli woman at Manali has tarnished the image of Himachal as a safe and peaceful tourist destination in India and abroad,” state BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti said
in a statement issued.

Satpal said that it was surprising that the police had to send the Israeli rape victim to Bilaspur for medical examination and aid from Kullu.

“It is abject failure on the part of the state government that the victim was sent to Bilaspur for detailed medical examination, bypassing Mandi, the home district of Health minister, Kaul Singh Thakur,” he said.

Satpal further said, There is not even a single day when crime against a woman or a female student is not reported, but the government is least bothered and it appears that there is goonda-raj in the state.

He said that women in the state does not feel secure due to the failure of the administration and Police to provide security.

He said that the illegal drug trade is increasing and the drug mafias are active in the vicinity of the schools and colleges, targeting the adolescents which is ruining the future of the youth besides creating law and order problem sand adding to crime.


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