Hema Malini’s car kills a 4-year-old child, media and actor criticised on social media


Bollywood actor turned politician Hema Malini’s car met with an accident on Thursday evening while travelling to Jaipur from her constituency Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Her speeding car killed a four-year-old child while the BJP MP sustained minor injuries on her face.

Police said that Hema Malini’s car was speeding when this collision took place. However, News18 quoted eyewitness as saying that ‘she was driving under the influence of alcohol.’ (See the image below. Some of you may find this image disturbing).




Hema Malini’s accident and the subsequent media coverage became a subject of intense conversation on social media platforms. With Hema Malini becoming a top twitter trend, the dominating theme of the conversation was how media had focussed on the actor’s injury and not the four-year-old child, who was killed by her ‘speeding car.’

User @Joydas criticised that while Hema Malini was taken to a private hospital with better facilities, the ‘nameless family with a dead kid’ was taken to a local hospital.

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Another user @artic02 felt that the injured family too should have been taken to the Fortis hospital on ‘humanitarian grounds.’






User @greatbong took a dig at media coverage with his sarcasm that injured (Hema Malini) was being given more prominence than the child, who had lost her life.



Soon after the news of her accident was reported, many of Hema Malini’s supporters began to tweet expressing their sadness over this accident. BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi tweeted;




According to reports, the 66-year-old actor was treated at Jaipur’s posh Fortis hospital for minor injuries.


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