Heatwave in Andhra, Telangana to prevail till monsoon


The Indian Metrological Department has said that the heatwave in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will continue till the onset of the monsoon, though there maybe a drop in temperature in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

“The temperatures are above 42 degree Celsius, in some places it has reached 47 degrees. The severity is more in Telangana at present. The temperature in coastal Andhra Pradesh have fallen, other than Guntur, there is no heat wave in coastal Andhra Pradesh,” said Narasimha Rao, Assistant Metrologist at IMD, Hyderabad.

The death toll in Andhra Pradesh, due to intense heat wave, has reached 1636. The most affected districts in the state were Prakasam and Guntur with 333 and 233 deaths respectively.


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