‘Health screening for Indians seeking jobs in Kuwait transparent’


Health screening for Indians flying to Kuwait for job is transparent and foolproof, said Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which was authorised by the Kuwait government to do such screening in India.

Khadamat, a subsidiary of Kuwait-based Public Services Company, was selected by the Kuwait government based on international rating standards. It has launched its operations in Kochi in September.

Adel Nasser Al-Jumhour, Khadamat’s foreign projects coordinator, told reporters here on Friday that they were in India for a long-term association and to assist Indians in their travel to Kuwait.

“Population health security is a key requirement for the ministry of health in Kuwait. We are confident that the highest standards of health check-up were designed to serve that purpose,” he added.

Besides Kochi, Khadamat has regional branch offices in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.


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