Hawabaaz, Hawalabaaz followed by Dagabaaz title for PM. What next?


After a stinging attack by the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, during the party’s Congress Working Committee meet in Delhi earlier this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday hit back by describing Congress as the party of “Hawalabaaz.”

While addressing a rally in Bhopal, PM Modi said, “They did not let Parliament work… the ‘hawalabaaz’ are troubled by law passed against black money. To those who have been rejected by the people, I appeal to them for the pride of democracy, to fend economic dangers off and work with us…we had hoped they would help Parliament enforce reforms. But they refuse to do so.”

In the CWC meet, the Congress president had called Modi hawabaaz (one who makes hollow promises).

Sonia Gandhi on Thursday wasted no time in responding to the jibe made by her political rival in Madhya Pradesh.

She said, “What about their cases? MP Case? Foreign Minister case? Rajasthan CM case? Did they have a word to say about those cases?”

Congress spokesperson, Randeep Surjewala went a step further and called PM Modi dagabaaz (one who betrays) for betraying the ‘trust of the nation.’

He told reporters in Delhi, ” Hawabaaz aur dagabaaz ki Modi sarkar ki is desh mein pehchaan ban gayi hai. Jumlo Ki Hawabaazi aur Janta Se dagabaazi, yeah is desh ki 125 crore logon ke zabaan par hai..(Modi government is now being identified as a government which makes hollow promises and betrays people. It uses flowery words to make hollow promises and betrays common people. Every single citizen of India’s 125 crore people know this fact now.”)

The war of words between the two political parties is likely to escalate as the dates for Bihar elections draw nearer. Both parties are fighting a bitter battle in Bihar and the results would have far reaching impact on the future of Modi’s leadership within his party.


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