Haryana: With no ambulance available, woman gives birth in a three-wheeler


A woman on Monday gave birth to her child in a three-wheeler allegedly after no ambulance arrived at her house to take her to a hospital despite making calls to ‘102’ ambulance helpline number.

Renu Saket and her husband Bihari Lal Saket, both residents of village Chend in Madhya Pradesh and working here at a hatchery, claimed they called up ambulance helpline number ‘102’ twice when she developed labour pain, but they got only assurances that the ambulance will reach in sometime.

When the ambulance failed to reach their place for over two hours, Bihari Lal claimed he decided to take his wife to hospital in a three-wheeler.

But when they were about three-km away from the hospital, Renu gave birth to a child in the vehicle. After which both of them were taken to hospital and were being treated.

Meanwhile, in-charge of the ambulance Dr Rajesh Bhola said a probe will conducted into the incident and necessary action will be taken against those found guilty.

(With inputs from PTI)


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