Dalits in Haryana threatens mass conversion over land grabbing


A section of Dalits from a village have threatened to convert alleging that the state authorities were dily dallying on taking action against some persons who allegedly ‘illegally occupied’ land given to them, by the state.


A cooperative society formed under the Punjab Nazul Act 1956 alloted the land to the Dalits for their betterment.

But between 2010 to 2014 a number of high-profile people including some who claimed to be from BJP had illegally grabbed 600 acres of Nazul land which also included 41 acres from Dhidwara village, they alleged.

They claimed that despite making a complaint on July 13 last year, the police failed to act due to the pressure from BJP leaders.

However, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar assigned his OSD Jagdish Chopra to look into the matter after some of the Dalit community members met him.

Protesting in front of the mini secretariat for the last four days, the Dalit families have alleged that the police had warned them of “dire consequence” if they don’t stop their protest.

Congress state president Ashok Tanwar who came to support the Dalits alleged that since the BJP government came to power the atrocities against them have been on the rise.

“The labour class and Dalits are targeted in the rule of BJP. The law and order situation in the state has become a joke since the day BJP came to power,” he said.

The villagers have asked for a CBI probe and demanded that their land be returned or else they will convert and migrate.


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