Haryana top cop says common man has right to kill criminals


Haryana’s police chief has stirred controversy by saying that a common man had the right to kill criminals.

At a public event on Thursday, as reported by news agency ANI, Haryana’s new Director General of Police, KP Singh, said that people didn’t realise that the law gave them the right to kill if they witnessed a crime.

He said, “If someone destroys your house, or tries to take someone’s life, the law allows a common man to kill the other person…this is something the common man doesn’t know. This is not just a policeman’s duty.

“If someone insults a woman or tries to kill a person, then the common man has right to take the criminal’s life.”

The comments by the top cop comes just weeks after Jat agitation killed more than a dozen people and several incidents of gangrapes were reported.

Singh quoted provisions in the law to explain that though it is the job of the police to maintain law and order, common citizens too have rights.

“A person has the right under the law to use necessary force… for the purpose of protecting one’s own body and property as also another’s body and property when immediate aid from the state machinery is not readily available,” said the top officer.

Singh made these comments in the presence of Prem Lata Singh, a lawmaker from the ruling BJP, which governs the state.

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