Haryana minister says ‘can’t supply water to Delhi, Kejriwal should build his own canal’


Haryana irrigation minister OP Dhankar said on Friday that  his government would not be able to supply water to Delhi.

He told ANI, “We supply water to Delhi through western Yamuna canal for which we reduce water supply to our farmers. Delhi CM has opposed construction of SYL canal which was to be constructed so that Haryana could get water through Bhakra Nangal Dam.

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“We have told them (Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal) that we will not be able to supple water to Delhi. We have also told the Delhi CM to construct his own canal system to bring water from Nangal Dam & Tajewala to Delhi.”

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Reacting to the minister’s threat, Kejriwal said that his government was ensuring that ‘everyone in Delhi has access to water.’

He tweeted,”Ensuring that everyone in Delhi has access to clean drinking water, without any discrimination.”

Meanwhile, the Punjab assembly on Friday passed a resolution unanimously against building SYL canal. This has come in defiance of the Supreme Court’s order.

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Punjab chief minister’s advisor, Harcharan Bains, said, “SYL canal cannot be allowed to be built in defiance of the rights of the state over its river waters.”

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