Haryana IAS officer’s daughter Varnika Kundu loses driving license for 3 months, ‘chalan’ goes viral


Driving license of Varnika Kundu, the daughter of Haryana IAS officer, who had alleged molestation charges against the son of a BJP leader last year, has been suspended for three months after the Chandigarh police booked her for over-speeding.

photo: newsmobile.in

Kundu was challaned by the Chandigarh traffic police for overspeeding in her Cruze car on the road dividing Sectors 42 and 53 at around 5 pm on 21 June while she was traveling from Mohali to her home in Panchkula.

The Chandigarh police left Kundu’s car but her driving license was confiscated by them. According to media reports, a traffic police official took picture of the ‘chalan’ and uploaded it on social media.

In conversation with Janta Ka Reporter, Kundu said, “My license has been suspended on the basis of the Regulation of the Supreme Court. It was a normal invoice and I followed it like anyone else would have, and filled my fine the next day. I’m surprised that the photos of the chalan are going viral on social media.”

Earlier in a communication sent to the Panchkula RTO, the Chandigarh Traffic Police had informed that Kundu’s driving licence was confiscated and recommended that action should be taken against her under the Motor Vehicles’ Act. The Act prescribes suspension of the driving license in such cases.

A DJ by profession, Varnika Kundu had last year leveled stalking charges against against Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala and his friend. The incident had grabbed national headlines. Presently, Vikas and his friend are out on bail after spending some months behind the bars.


  1. What is the relation between suspension of Driving licence and sending behind bars of BJP president’s son, the case against her is only over speeding, and penalty also paid by her, it meaningless to say because she complained against the leader son.

  2. Is it a news of any consequence? Thousands of such incidents occur every day. Why do you waste your news space?


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