Haryana emulates Goa as government approves bike taxi service for Gurgaon


Haryana’s regional transport authority has given its approval for bike taxi service in Gurgaon. If everything goes well, Haryana will become the second state after Goa to have bike taxi service.

In Goa, bike taxi, which is known as pilot locally, it’s one of the most popular and affordable means of transportation for locals and the tourists like.

This service is also very popular in many other countries such as China, Sweden, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and Thailand.

The bike taxi service in Gurgaon is expected to be launched by the end of November. Baxi, the operating agency owned by a Gurgaon-based company, will provide the service with 100 motorcycles in its fleet. The company will acquire low cost motorcycles from Bajaj Auto and Hero MotoCorp.
Though, the service is likely to have a positive impact on the growing traffic problems in the NCR, its trustworthiness in terms of safety for women may be a big issue in Gurgaon.
A large number of girls and elderly women rely on pilots in Goa, where the safety for them has never been an issue. Given the growing crime rate against women in Haryna and the NCR, emulating Goa’s safety standard will be a huge challenge for the operator.
Although, the company has reportedly hired ex-servicemen as managers and supervisors to maintain discipline among its Bike Taxi pilots. The ride will be tracked in real time while both pilot and passenger will be provided with SOS buttons on mobile app.


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