Haryana CM’s OSD: JNU female students are worse than prostitutes


The OSD to Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Jawahar Yadav has stirred a new controversy by calling the protesting female students of the JNU worse than the prostitutes.

He later issued a clarification saying his intention was not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

His tweet read, “In my previous tweet I did not compare any students with prostitutes. What I had said was that those sisters who had chosen prostitution out of bad circumstances were better than those girls who were chanting anti national, pro Pakistan, Freedom for Kashmir and Kerala slogans on the JNU campus. These girls were calling to continue their fight till the destruction of India. At least the sex workers sisters only sell their body, they don’t sell their nation.”


His second tweet said, ” people misinterpreted my earlier tweet. I therefore retract my earlier statement. My intention was never to hurt anyone.”


More to come


  1. OSD moron does not know what he is talking about, the anti national sloganeering was being perpetrated by the ABVP trolls at JNU campus and now the girls are being blamed for the same, this moron gets a fake chance to defend the nation and his home minister Rajnath also follows the same fake path to make sweeping statements on tweet hearsay, what bunch of imbeciles are ruling our nation. “Anbm” above is also the same category.

    • JJ what he said is correct we agree with him the condoms and other findings in universities are not so healthy site to observe as live in relation is there to seduce indian culture. no person to open mouth on morality long before it lost its nature due to freedom but donot try to be with traitors who conducted meeting to hold in the name of Afzal guru should be sent to Guantanamo Bay of USA for stricter punishment


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