Harish Rawat terms International Yoga Day as “propagandist exercise”


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Wednesday said the state will not officially be part of the International Yoga Day celebrations scheduled for June 21. Not only that Rawat termed the event as a “propagandist exercise”.

“We won’t be part of the International Yoga Day celebrations as we are not interested in drum-beating about it,” Rawat told members of the media in Dehradun. However, the Chief Minister said the state government was strongly in favour of promoting the ancient Indian discipline of physical and mental well-being and has its own plans for it.

“Though not interested in any drum-beating about it we will soon come up with a detailed action plan for the promotion of yoga from September onwards,” he said. Claiming that the event was a mere “propaganda”, he said those keen to celebrate the event on a big scale are not as interested in yoga as in promoting their own vested interests.


  1. Harish ravat is a congressi…chamch…who would do any thing to please catholic Sonia Gandhi…..and his miebap….the can through his mother out of his house…if required to appease sonia

  2. They are people who have learned nothing from their history….they will always appease their masters and do nothing for their culture…

  3. They think they won freedom due to congress….it was the brutal assault of Subhash Chandra Bose and the indian army which was going to revolt…


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