Harish Rawat slams Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, says ‘even an ant can trouble elephant’


Uttarakhand chief minister, Harish Rawat on Tuesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP chief, Amit Shah, saying that “Sometimes even an ant can trouble an elephant.”

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Repeating what he had told jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, on Sunday, Rawat said, “We chose to respect the CBI probe. We could have taken a stand (against the probe) for the government which had transferred the matter to CBI wasn’t an elected government, it was a decision taken during President’s rule. And what is President’s rule? Centre’s rule. And Centre only has asked its agency to probe the matter.”

The federal probe agency had on Sunday asked the Uttarakhand Chief Minister to appear before the agency on 24 May in connection with a probe into the sting operation involving him.

CBI had registered a Preliminary Enquiry on 29 April to probe the “sting operation” allegedly showing Rawat offering bribes to rebel Congress MLAs in a bid to garner their support during a floor test in the Uttarakhand Assembly.

( With inputs from PTI)


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