Hardik Patel backs Congress in Gujarat assembly elections


Patidar leader Hardik Patel has confirmed that the Congress party had accepted ‘our issues.’ Speaking to media amidst speculations that he had fallen out with the Congress party, the young Patel leader said that the two sides agreed to give Patidars reservations.

He said, “Congress has agreed to give Patidars reservations under section 31 and provisions of section 46.Congress will bring in a bill when they come in power in Gujarat.”

He said that his fight was for the justice of his community adding that he was for sale.

His comments came amidst speculations that all was not well with him and the Congress party after the latter announced its first list of 77 candidates. Some media reports suggested that he was unhappy with his supporters not getting adequately number of seats.

Here are the key highlights of his press conference:

  • We are not openly extending support to Congress, but we will fight BJP. So directly or indirectly, there will be support to Congress
  • BJP has spent Rs 200 crore in fielding independent candidates against us
  • Several horse trading attempts being made with our conveners in North Gujarat, Rs 50 lakh being offered. BJP using its tactics as it fears defeat
  • We have never appealed to anyone to vote for Congress, but since they are talking about our rights, we leave it on people to decide
  • Today they show river front to show Gujarat model. But today, villagers in Gujarat are hurt. They are sad.
  • Today police stop our functions, cancel our programmes despite giving us permission
  • Our next programme will be in Rajkot on 29 Npovember
  • Congress will have to put this reservation formula with details, in their manifesto
  • I’m not joining any party
  • Congress will bring in a bill in the assembly after it comes to power. The party will also conduct a survey on their demands on reservation.



  1. Patidar support may boost Congress chances of gaining more seats but there are other issues which the party has been silent. For an impressive win, it has to address other more serious issues like muslim and dalit lynching, farmers suicides and health care system. Only then, they can compete with the ruling party in elections


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