Time to introspect for MPs, says Hamid Ansari on parliament disruptions


Both the the houses of parliament were adjourned sine die on Wednesday and with that the winter session of parliament came to an end.

The winter session was marred by series of disruptions with political parties using the proceedings to score personal scores.

The only notable bill that was passed in the just concluded session was the Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill, which the Rajya Sabha approved it after a brief debate on Tuesday.

This too was possible only in the face of growing public outrage, as people reacted angrily to the news of the release of the juvenile rapist of 1012 gangrape and death of the victim Jyoti Singh.

The chairman of Rajya Sabha and the Vice President, Hamid Ansari described the winter session as ‘singularly most unproductive’ asking the members to introspect.

In his concluding remarks, Ansari said, ” The Chair appeals to honourable members  to introspect on this state of affairs and to desist from practices and approaches that demean the stature of the Rajya Sabha.”

Earlier today, the Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Venkaiah Naidu, had blamed the Congress party for the unproductive sessions in the parliament.

He said, “Government from the day one has been saying that we are ready to discuss any issue, but they didn’t allow the house to function. People who broke rules were quoting rutes. They don’t have any right to do that.”




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