BJP trying to demolish Haj House in Ghaziabad: SP leader


Samajwadi Party leader Nahar Singh Yadav today alleged that Uttar Pradesh’s BJP goverment is trying to demolish the Haj House here.

Haj House
Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

This is why the government is not properly putting forward its arguments in a case being heard by the NGT on the alleged flouting of environmental norms during its construction, he said.

The Haj House has attracted controversy as it has allegedly been constructed on the the ecologically-sensitive floodplains of the Hindon river.

Yadav said he has been allowed by the NGT to to become a party in the case.

Yadav also claimed that the Haj house was built far away from the embankment of the Hindon river and land was not a floodplain.


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