I’m not your Martyr’s Daughter, writes Gurmehar Kaur in new blog


Gurmehar Kaur, whose Facebook campaign against the ABVP, earlier this had made her a hero for many while some including former cricketer Virender Sehwag and actor Randeep Singh Hooda had led the gang of abusive trolls to give her grief.

gurmehar kaur

Faced with vicious trolling, the daughter of Kargil’s martyr had given up on social media presence and returned to Punjab, her native place.

She’s back with a blog on martyr’s daughter.

In her blog, she asked, “Who am I? A question, I could’ve answered without any inhibitions or a trace of wariness in my standard cheerful tone only a few weeks ago. Now, I’m not so sure.

Am I who the trolls think I am? Am I what the media portrayed me as? Am I what those celebrities think of me?”

She goes on to explain that she was neither of that adding that she was her ‘father’s daughter.’

She wrote, “No, I can’t be any of that. That girl you saw flashing all over your television screens, holding a placard in hand, eyebrows raised, gaze fixed at the tiny round lens of a cellphone camera, definitely looked like me. The intensity of her thoughts that reflected in the picture definitely had traces of me. She looked fiery, I relate to that but then the ‘Breaking news headlines’ told a different story. The headlines were not me.

Martyr’s daughter

Martyr’s daughter

Martyr’s daughter”

She added, “I’m my father’s daughter. I’m my Papa’s Gulgul. I’m his doll. I’m a 2-year-old artist who did not understand words but understood stick figures, which he drew in letters addressed to me. I’m my mother’s headache, her opinionated, reckless, moody child- a reflection of her. I’m my sister’s guide to pop culture and her sparring partner before the big matches. I’m also the girl who sits on the first bench during lectures with intentions of interrupting the teacher and starting fiery debates on everything and anything, just because literature is more fun that way. My friends’ sort-of-kind-of like me, I’m hoping. They say my humor is dry but works on certain days (I can live with that). Books and Poetry are my solace.”

You can read the full blog here;


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