Gujarat’s MBA graduate minister doesn’t know the spelling of elephant, says he was only testing the students


In a considerable embarrassment to much talked about Gujarat Model, an MBA graduate Gujarat minister was recently being widely ridiculed for his inability to correctly spell ‘elephant.

During a recent school visit,  Gujarat minister Shankar Chaudhary had embarrassingly ended up misspelling one of the most common words in the English language.


The photo of Chaudhary standing in front of blackboard after writing ELEPHENT had gone viral.

The BJP minister has now issued clarification that he had deliberately made mistakes to test the students describing his mistake as part of his teaching tactics.


However, his party colleagues said that the 45-year-old minister spelt elephant with ‘e’ to explain to students how certain words were spelt and pronounced differently.

An activist in the past had taken Chaudhary to court calling his MBA degree as fake.

In 2012, according to NDTV, he was accused of surfing obscene sites on his iPad inside the Gujarat assembly, a charge that he stoutly denied.

The minister and others in the government have been touring Gujarat for the “Shala Praveshotsav”, a scheme to encourage school admissions.



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