Protests against Dalit atrocities reach PM Modi’s home town, Protesters chant “Hai re Modi”


Raging protests against Dalit atrocities reached Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home town.

Nearly 4,000 Dalit protesters staged a huge demonstration blaming Modi and BJP for the public flogging of four Scheduled Caste men.

The video of four Dalit youth being publicly thrashed by right-wing cow protection groups had gone viral.

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File photo: Indian Express
File photo: Indian Express

According to Hindustan Times report, Dalit protesters on Saturday shouted, “Hai re Modi…hai-hai re Modi,” – a modification of a traditional slogan used by women during Hindu funeral processions.

Shaileshbhai Shankarbhai, a community leader who addressed the protest, said, “We raised the hai-hai slogan on purpose. It’s a warning to the BJP and the Sangh parivar. The Hindutva ideology of the attackers is shared by the BJP and Modi. This ideology has ruined Gujarat. Now that they have broken the morale of the Muslims, they are coming after Dalits.”

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The report said that this was the first protest of its kind in Vadnagar — a town in the Mehsana district known for its loyal support of Modi — and comes at a time anger has erupted among the Dalit community over the July 11 thrashings in Una by alleged cow protection vigilantes.

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