Arvind Kejriwal meets Dalit victims, says BJP’s Gujarat government is anti-Dalit


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday met the family members of Dalits, who were thrashed while skinning a dead cow, and assured all possible help to the victims.

Kejriwal inquired about the health of the victims at a hospital in Una and said that those responsible for the incident must be brought to justice.

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Escalating its turf war against the BJP government in Gujarat of being ‘anti-Dalit’, Kejriwal indicated that they had a hand in the incident.

Photo: Indian Express
Photo: Indian Express

“Why is the police not taking action? It indicates that Govt is involved. State government in Gujarat is anti-Dalit,” said Kejriwal.

Kejriwal further said, “BJP government in Gujarat is trying to suppress Dalits in the state. Such incidents must stop. Strict action must be taken against the culprits.” “I met the victims. What wrong have they done? They were only taking off the skin of a dead cow. They have been doing this for years. It’s what their ancestors did. They have to do this for a living, they don’t own any land,” Kejriwal said.

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On Thursday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi visited the Dalit family in Una and assured justice. Rahul also announced an assitance of Rs 5 lakh to the seven Dalits who were beaten up in public. The Congress vice-president also accused RSS and BJP of “crushing” those against their ideology.

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