Gujarat violence is due to politics of anger practised by Modi: Rahul Gandhi


Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has blamed Prime Minister Modi’s ‘politics of anger’ over the ongoing violence in Gujarat, where 9 people including a policeman have been kiled so far.

Addressing a rally in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, Rahul said  “whatever is happening in Gujarat is because of the politics of anger practised by Mr Modi. We believe politics of anger helps Mr Modi but it doesn’t help the country”

To this, BJP leader Nalin Kohli replied,  “Rahul Gandhi’s politics are based on event-to-event basis.”

The war of words between Rahul Gandhi and the BJP leaders come after 9 people confirmed dead in Gujarat violence on Thursday.

Gujarat remains tense after clashes between police and Patel protesters took ugly turn on 25 August.

Patels led by 21-year-old Hardik Patel had organized a mass rally on August 25. The rally took a violent turn after Hardik was arrested. Around 140 public buses and 1000 private vehicles have been damaged in the violence till now.

Both Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel and PM Modi had to appeal for calm in a televised message saying , “Violence does not benefit anybody. We must work together to solve problems through talks”.

Patels have been protesting in Gujarat to demand reservation under the OBC (Other backward castes) for their community.

The Congress has unable to get foothold in Gujarat, where Modi was chief minister for 13 years till he took office as Prime Minister in May last year.


  1. Bandar kya jaane adrak kaa swaad! I feel that this protest was organized by the Congress and it allies to trouble the Modi government. But the design of these idiots failed within a day.


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