Gujarat University rejects RTI request on PM Modi’s Masters degree


Gujarat University has rejected an RTI request on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualification.

An Ahmedabad based RTI activist had filed a request before the university asking them to furnish the details on the students, who enrolled there for Masters degree between 1981 and 1984.

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The RTI activist further added that his request was for all those students, who attended classes in Master of Arts either via correspondence or regular courses both in English and Gujarati languages.

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The university sent a one-line reply in Gujarati, ” Under RTI act of 2005, this information can’t be made public.’

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The activist, who has requested to be anonymous, told that this was the period PM Modi had claimed to complete his Masters degree adding that he had deliberately asked for details around all students as he feared the university would never entertain specific request on the prime minister.

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    • RTI act के तहत वाराणसी के सांसद से जनहित में माँगी गयी जानकारी रेलवे बोर्ड से लंबित क्यू ?

      विषय – १९५६ में जब आम लोगों की ज़मीन अधिगृहीत करके डीजल रेल इंजन कारखाना, वाराणसी की स्थापना की गयी थी तो उस समय आम लोगों को क्या-क्या सुविधा दी गयी थी?

  1. Bill Gate, Steven Paul Job & Reliance Founder are/were Undergraduate , went on to form greatest companies of all. While Our IIT(ITI) CM is buffoon

  2. Rahul Ji and Modi Ji are great national leaders. Don’t act like an anti-national for questioning their degrees. They don’t need to show it. Their word is enough. They never lie and always keep their words 😉

  3. RTI act के तहत वाराणसी के सांसद से जनहित में माँगी गयी जानकारी रेलवे बोर्ड से लंबित क्यू

    • Sure . but one thing what is problem in it when you have degree . he is just asking to show degree not fighting with you .Is in india we are not free?

  4. I can’t understand when our PM proudly says he was a “chai wala” in his younger days, he does not have to project his educational qualifications. This was(2014 LS elections)the first time he flaunted his degrees, earlier as CM he did not do this. Maybe the PM wanted to impress his dear friend Barack .

  5. Dear aap ka reporter, oppps Janta ka reporter, if modi have a fake master degree, then congress who is the main opposition in Gujarat would have filed petition long ago. And dear if u have proof, go ahead. File a case in court. अरे मिया Rifat कब case करोगे कोर्ट में???Why feeding crap in AAptards minds??


  6. मीडिया,नेता,लोकसेवको ज़रा सोचो,देश बचेगा
    तो आप बचोगे.देश की भोली-भाली जनता की भावनाओ से मत खेलो.सत्य,न्याय की स्थापना के लिए सब कुच्छ भी करो.वरना देश डूबने के
    कगार पर खड़ा है. देशद्रोहियो,भ्रष्टाचारियो
    को संसद से कोसो दूर दफ़न करदो ताकि
    लोकतंत्र के मंदिर पर इनकी काली छाया भी न पड़े. सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की जय हो.

  7. Seems like Modi may soon be renamed as Joomlendra Modi! Can we beat this our country’s PM refuses to be democratic himself – god save our nation!


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