Gujarat police arrest AAP workers for protesting against CM’s land allotment, released after 8 hours


Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat has complained of police’s high-handedness for protesting the ‘illegal land allotment to the chief minister Anandiben Patel’s daughter Anar Patel.

The party said that its workers were arrested even before they could start their ‘peaceful protest’ against what they said was a land scam in making by the state’s chief minister.

Harshil Nayak, AAP’s  media coordinator in Gujarat, Harshil Nayak said that this had become a standard practice for the state police to harass them in a ‘bid to suppress the freedom of speech.’

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Nayak told, “Our workers were arrested from the RTO circle area at around 11.30 am and they were kept in the police station until 7.30 pm. Till end, the police couldn’t decide what charges they were going to make against us.

“This is the reality of Gujarat police. It seems they kept waiting for instruction from Anar Patel to decide action against us. Clearly, our crime was that we dared to protest against the loot under Anandiben Patel government.”

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“We were arrested while we were planning to hold the candle-light vigil. Now you tell me what law and order we could disturb by peacefully organising a vigil to pay tribute to our martyred soldiers.

“Likewise, last year in December, we were forced to cancel our rally in the eleventh hour after police withdrew its permission minutes before our MP Bhagwant Mann were to arrive in Bhavnagar to join the protest demanding MSP for cotton farmers.”

The police was not available for comments on Saturday’s developments. Our repeated attempts to elicit a response were futile.


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