Gujarat minister accused of employing school children in uniform for election work


A BJP minister in Gujarat government is facing a serious allegation of employing school children in uniform to work on the party’s election campaign.

school children

This was after a video circulated by Patidar leader, Varun Patel, showed how school children in uniform were sorting out BJP’s election materials allegedly inside the Gujarat Transport Minister Vallabhbhai Kakadiya’s office.

Kakadiya has denied the allegation stating that the office shown in the viral video was not his. But local journalists are refusing to buy his argument.

One journalist, wishing not to be identified told Janta Ka Reporter, “Even if we accept his argument that it is not his office, can he deny that this is not a BJP office? Also, what’s a gunner doing in the premise unless there’s a presence of a VIP in thesaid building?”

Gunner is the armed personnel usually on duty for a VVIP in India.

Gujarat goes to polls in December and the BJP is facing years of anti-incumbency in the state. The party is facing anger on multiple fronts. Patidars, who traditionally voted for the saffron party, have made up their mind to not go with them this time around.

Hardik Patel, the face of Patidar movement in Gujarat, has gone on record asking his community members not to vote for the BJP even if the party fielded his father in the elections.

Dalits continue to remain incensed particularly after the infamous Una attack when a group of right-wing Hindutva militants posing as cow-vigilantes had publicly flogged Dalits.

Trading community, another traditional vote-bank for the BJP has been on the streets protesting against the GST, whose roll-out, they say has had a crippling effect on their livelihood.


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