Gujarat court finds Asaram’s son Narayan Sai guilty of rape, sentencing on 30 April


A court in Gujarat has convicted Narayan Sai, son of jailed controversial godman Asaram, in a rape case. The sessions court in Surat, which held Sai guilty of rape, will pronounce the quantum of punishment on 30 April.

Narayan Sai

Two sisters in Surat had alleged in 2013 that they were repeatedly raped by both Asaram and his son Narayan Sai during their stay at their ashram. One of them, according to news agency PTI, had accused Narayan Sai of repeatedly raping her between 2002 and 2005 when she was living at his ashram.

Asaram has been convicted in a rape case in Jodhpur and is serving a life term. Asaram had broken down in the courtroom after hearing his sentence. Two other convicts namely Shilpi alias Sanchita Gupta and Sharatchandra were handed out 20 years each in jail.

This was just hours after the court had found them guilty of raping a teenager from Uttar Pradesh at Asaram’s ashram. Sharatchandra was the director of Chhindwara residential school where the 16-year-old girl was studying in Class 12, and Shilpi worked there as the warden of her hostel.


  1. without any proof, just based on girl’s statement, Asaram baba is jailed.
    now it seems same case with his son, Narayan Sai

    What a pathetic system!

  2. well well the incident is of 2003 and FIR made on Aug 2013 as per so called victim , no proof , no evidence still he is guilty Indian judicial system …u can not file a FIR which is more than 3 yr old..still here 10 yr old FIR registered of a bogus investigation done..

  3. How in the world someone gets punished for allegation of a crime which supposedly happened 12 years ago ? And Narayan Sai was kept in jail without bail for 5 years. This puts serious question and doubt on our judicial system

  4. Wow what a judgement a case which cannot stand in court is been finalized with a judgment that an accused is guilty, all these lower courts are in pressure politically, the case was registered 13 years after the the so called rape now its a common sense that how can you medically prove after 13 years that the girls were raped, Foolish judgment.

  5. आखिर क्यो हो रहा हैं हिन्दू ही शिकार बार बार झुठे षड्यंत्रों का ???
    आखिर क्यों Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji जैसे पवित्र साधु संतों को जेल में रखा जा रहा हैं?
    क्योकि इन्होने हिन्दू धर्म के लिए कार्य किये हैं

  6. So that everyone knows – this “rape” allegation against Shri Narain Sai ji claims that the person was raped 12 years ago. Yes, that is exactly what the FIR claims. Also there is docu mented proof that the person happily stay ed in the ashrams and actively partici pated in activities related to the ashram and with Shri Narain Sai for many years after the claimed date of the incident. One not need to be very smart to determine that this is all politically motivated and/or that money is involved here. Have you heard about such a claims and arrest warrant after 12 years and without any proof? Judge for yourself!!! The other thing to note is the role of the police and judiciary – even Narain Sain’s honorable mother and sister were dragged into this – saying they were supplying girls to him. Just imagine that! And when the judge rejected that case, the judge was immediately transferred the same night – Please open your eyes and judge for yourself and please do not get blinded by this paid media !

  7. आज हिन्दू सन्तों पर कानूनी कहर जारी है स्पष्ट देखें Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji और Narayan Sai को बिना सबूत भी केवल फर्जी आरोप पर ही जेल तो वहीं रेप आरोपी पादरी को खुली छूट, जमानत, ये पक्षपात नही तो क्या है ❓ #DualityInJustice

  8. ये तो बहुत बुरी बात है । ऐसा तो औरंगजेब के समय भी नहीं हुआ। इतिहास में ऐसा कहीं नहीं लिखा कि उसने किसी हिन्दू संत को बलात्कार के आरोप में फंसा कर सजा दी हो।

  9. The verdict is ridiculous, 11 year old incident and there is no proof either . Even seems girl has visited many times to ashram in last 11 years . It seems conspiracy against Hindu saints

  10. We know Narayan Sai since years and we can very well understand that he is being framed in bogus case. Truth will come out soon


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