Gripping diary of a disabled woman passenger who was ‘forced’ to crawl by Air India


On Saturday we reported how a differently-abled female passenger was allegedly made to crawl to the connecting coach at the Indira Gandhi airport by the Air India crew members after she arrived from Dehradun.

Anita Ghai, a professor in Delhi University, has since then narrated her gripping account on her Facebook while also lodging a formal complaint against Air India.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook page:

I boarded an Air India flight with four of my colleagues on January 29, 2016 from Dehradun to Delhi. Despite several requests,,the air hostess did not take cognisance of my requirement for a wheel chair that was needed on arrival at Delhi.

The flight reached Delhi at 7:30 pm. I waited patiently with my friend Indrani for the wheel chair which would enable me to board the bus to the Terminal. However at 8.15 pm we realised that there was no sight of a wheel chair.

At 8:30pm when the coach came by after repeated requests from the Captain of the flight, I was made to CRAWL to the coach, as Security reasons demanded that I leave the aircraft. This caused me great trauma and humiliation and pain.

I am shocked that people with disabilities have to go through one trauma after another.

I wish to issue this strong complaint against the negligence by Air India and demand an apology and accountability and assurance that access to disabled persons is a enforced right.
I am shocked that Air India has denied the unavailability of the wheel chair in the media.

I demand due action at the earliest.
Thank you and with best regards,
Prof. Anita Ghai

(Photo: Anita Ghai’s Facebook page)


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