Greenpeace activist barred entry into India


An Australian member of Greenpeace International, Aaron Gray-Block was allegedly denied entry into India despite holding a valid visa.

According to media reports, Gray-Block wasn’t given any reason by the immigration officials who stopped him at the New Delhi airport on Saturday night and put him on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Greenpeace India Programme Director Divya Raghunandan told a news agency, “Our colleague has a valid business visa, and yet he was prevented from entering India with no reason given.” She further added, “”We support the free movement of people across the world, which is crucial to the work of business as well as charities. Greenpeace International is a global organization that helps to find solutions to environmental problems. There is absolutely no reason why one of its staff members should be treated in such an arbitrary way.”

Saying that if no Greenpeace member across World is allowed to leave country or come back, then it should be publicly declared, she added, “We are forced to wonder if all international staff of Greenpeace will now be prevented from entering the country. If Home Minister Rajnath Singh has a stand on this, then we would like him to state it clearly.”

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization, operating in over 40 countries to “ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity”

Greenpeace India’s senior campaigner Priya Pillai was also allegedly barred from boarding a flight to London in January 2015.


  1. why are free peace activists more dangerous than American, Russian, Japanese, French Nuclear engineers who have not been able to fix Fukushima debacle for more than 4 years now? Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was not allowed to enter USA must reverse this perverse problem created by I hope some wrong headed person other than the Prime Minister himself!


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