Delhi’s disaster response car used to ferry children to football match, driver fined


A car by Delhi Disaster Management Authority on Sunday night was fined for jumping the traffic light as it abused the red beacon and siren to violate traffic rules in south Delhi.

The car, which is meant to be used to provide emergency assistance, was carrying a government official’s children to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to watch football match in the evening.

This gross violation, which is often a norm in India, was brought to light after a brave medical professional, also stuck at the same traffic light, decided to challenge the DDMA car.

The intervention by Dr Dheeraj prompted the police to take action issuing fine to the driver.

The episode played out near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. “The vehicle, a Qualis with registration number DL-1CP-0385, was fined Rs.100 for the offence,” the police said in a statement.

Dr Dheeraj said, ” I don’t understand this. This car is supposed to be used to respond to emergency needs. But they were jumping the traffic using beacon and sirens so that they could ferry the children to the stadium for a football match. This is an insult to us tax paying public.”

DDMA, for its part, said that the disaster response vehicle was being used as an ambulance in an emergency — to transport an unwell child to a hospital.

A senior police officer said the challan was issued on the basis of a complaint lodged by a Dr Dheeraj who was on his way to the stadium. He spotted the vehicle with the red beacon and, assuming it to be a case of emergency, gave them the right of way only to realise that the beacon was switched on to drop a few children.



  1. What ridiculous offence the govt. officials do!!! don’t feel ashamed of misusing the govt. provided vehicle for personal use? shameless officers. That was in delhi that’s why spotted. However this kind of misusing govt. vehicle is everywhere in the country.


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