Emotional Gopal Rai ‘forgives’ his attackers but warns he knows how to deal with traitors


The alleged attack on a Delhi government minister Gopal Rai in his office inside the assembly premises on Wednesday night dominated the proceedings of the Delhi assembly on Thursday.

In an emotionally charged speech, Rai lashed out at his rivals.

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He said, ‘This may be a small incident. But the mission we’ve started, they can’t stop that mission. I was once shot at. If the bullets didn’t stop me, how can these few people succeed? The people who are indulging in theatrics on twitter now a days were nowhere near the movement we had launched for Jan Lokpal under the leadership of respected Anna Hazare ji. What do these people, who neither had anything to do with Jan Lokpal in the past nor now , want to achieve by throwing mud at me, abusing me or stooping so low?”

Rai, who concluded his speech by requesting the Speaker to forgive his alleged attackers said he was adept at dealing with the traitors same way he dealt with them in the past.

He said, “People opposed us when we launched the movement at Jantr Mantar, they opposed us when we met at Ramlila ground and there were people opposing us even when we formed the party. Gaddaron se ladna ham tab bhi jaante the, gaddaron se ladna ham ab bhi jaante hain!”

Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia said that the attack on a minister inside his own office in an otherwise high security assembly compound was a very serious matter. He asked the Delhi police to understand the severity of the matter while probing the incident.

He said, “the attack on our minister is being investigated by the police. The main issue is that a minister has been attacked inside the assembly compound.  I hope the police will show the same urgency in dealing with this attack on our minister as they’ve been nimble-footed in acting against our MLAs. This is also a test for the police.”

Pushkar made several attempts to get up and clarify his stand but the the Speaker RN Goel was in no mood to allow him to speak. A visibly upset Goel told Pushkar to avoid indulging in any theatrics because he said he was the witness to the incident on Wednesday night.

Goel said, “Don’t do any theatrics here. Please sit down. I saw what happened yesterday. I saw all the tamasha. I was called by mantriji’s secretary at 6.45 pm. He informed me that few people had forcibly entered the minister’s office and attacked him with mud.

“They also misbehaved with the minister. I immediately came out and saw five people standing there. They were carrying packets with mud. I restrained Nitin Tyagi and Amanullah who wanted to go and intervene. I can show the CCTV footage.”

Goel asked Puskar, ” Will you apologise to all of us if the security person on duty confirms that you had called him to grant entry to these attackers?”


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