Goddess Durga controversy: Malayalam TV journalist gets 2000 threat calls, five arrested


A Malayalam TV journalist has received 2,000 threat calls after she moderated a debate show on whether celebrating Mahishasur Jayanti could be considered an act of treason.

Sindhu Sooryakumar has complained of receiving 2,000 threat calls since she moderated the discussion on Kerala’s Asianet News channel.

In her police complaint, Sooryakumar said that she received these calls from right-wing elements, who accused her of calling Durga a sex worker during the show.

“I have been getting a call every minute. The main allegation is that I abused Durga, calling her a sex worker. Most of the abusers called me a prostitute and abused me. Some threatened me while others didn’t even know what the charge was. I got a call this morning from someone asking whether I was Durga. Another person called me sometime ago, saying I had posted something against Durga on Facebook, and that he wanted to abuse me for that,” she told the Indian Express.

The journalist, chief coordinating editor with the channel, said that it was one of the guests, V V Rajesh, BJP’s general secretary, who had called Durga a sex worker while quoting the HRD Minister Smriti Irani’s speech in the parliament.

The police has arrested five people so far in this connection, while the hunt for others is currently underway.

All the arrested belong to the RSS and the BJP.


  1. Next discussion should be. “Was Mary hiding her whoring around with the Virgin excuse. Can a 2000 year old zombie son of a whore really absolve our sins?”
    “Mohammed the Pedophile. Can a tharki Arab called Mohammed who Raped children be really a messenger of God”?

  2. People need to understand that context matters. Smriti Irani was reading the disgusting text to expose the Communist/Missionary anti-Hindu propaganda. She was confronting the proprietors of the lies by showing them their vile hate filled text. This reading is different from reading it as a matter of fact like the Asia net host did.

    The Nazi propaganda was also read at Nuremburg trial to confront Nazis. That reading doesn’t justify the propaganda. Similarly Smriti Irani confronting the Commies in parliament with their anti-Hindu propaganda doesn’t justify Asinet’s use of text as propaganda.. Obfuscation and confusing the two is intentional attempt at justifying anti-Hindu hate by Asianet.


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