Govt to crack down on all illegal activities along Goa beaches


In the backdrop of allegations that the state government was singling out a particular community for creating nuisance on Goa beaches, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar has said that all those operating illegally in the coastal destination, would face action.

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The state government will crack down on all those involved in illegal activities on the shoreline. Everyone who is creating nuisance for tourists would be taken to task,” Ajgaonkar told reporters here yesterday on the sidelines of an annual wine festival.

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The government will take action against everyone involved in illegal activity. Even if we find Nigerians trafficking drugs, we will deport them back to their country,” he added.

The minister’s recent remarks against Lamanis– a nomadic tribe from neighbouring Karnataka which has made Goa their home for ages–had raised eyebrows.

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Ajgaonkar, had earlier this month, said that Lamanis were creating nuisance along beach stretches in Goa.

He had alleged that Lamanis were illegally vending on the beaches and troubling tourists especially foreigners while roaming around in groups.

The minister had also warned his department officials of suspension, if they fail to clear the state s beaches of the nomadic tribe by forming special squads.

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Ajgaonkar today said the state government agencies have already initiated action on those illegally operating in Goa.

“Those working with valid permission will be given protection and those who are here illegally would be acted upon,” he said.


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