Goa Governor addresses one-day special assembly session


Goa Governor Mridula Sinha refrained from making any policy statement in her address to the special session of the State Legislative Assembly today, owing to Model Code of Conduct, currently in force in the state.

The one-day special session, conveyed as per the constitutional requirement, lasted only for 15 minutes with the Governor delivering her five minutes speech.

Image courtesy:Oneindia.com

“The need for summoning of this session was to comply with the Constitution of India mandate of the Article 174 (1) as per which there should not be a gap of more than six months between two sittings,” Governor told the House.

“The last session was held on August 31, 2016, and therefore, by meeting today the constitutional limit of six months have been complied with,” she added.

Sinha, in her speech said since the Model Code of Conduct is in force post February 4 assembly polls, she would refrain from making any policy statement.

“As you all know the state is currently in election process, the polling was held on February 4 and counting will take place on March 11, and the election code of conduct in force, I refrain from making any policy statement or achievement of my government in this spirit of democracy and Model Code of Conduct, which is in force,” the Governor said.

“I congratulate all the candidate and members for having free and fair election process and also thankful to the people of Goa for a record turnout of 83 per cent. I am confident that the new government which would be sworn in soon will carry forward the good work of the present government,” she added.

(With inputs from PTI)


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