Girl raises Pakistan Zindabad slogan in presence of Asaduddin Owaisi, AIMIM chief says he condemns ‘such behaviour’


The organisers of a protest staged against the discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NCR and NPR were left embarrassed when a girl shouted Pakistan Zindabad slogans from the stage in the presence of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. No sooner did the girl shout Pakistan Zindabad slogans and asked the audience to repeat, Owaisi was seen rushing towards her and attempted to snatch the mic from her. Owaisi was heard saying, “What are you saying? You can’t say this.”

Pakistan Zindabad

The event was organised under the theme of ‘Save Constitution’ when the organisers invited the girl, identified one Amulya, to come and speak. This happened moments after Owaisi had arrived and occupied his seat at the stage. However, she stunned everyone by shouting Pakistan Zindabad slogans and urged the audience to repeat the seditious chants.

Owaisi later told reporters, “I was going to offer my prayers. The moment I heard this useless slogan, I rushed towards her and stopped her. You may have seen that she was removed after that. I condemn this. These people are mad. They don’t love their country. If they want to do it, do it somewhere else. Why are they doing it here?”

After cops climbed the stage, the girl began to shout Hindustan Zindabad. But by then the organisers had lost their patience and insisted on her leaving the stage.

This latest development will provide the much-needed ammunition to BJP and its supporters to discredit the countrywide movement against the CAA and the NRC.


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