Get Tiger, Hang him, Not his brother: Salman Khan on Yakub Memon’s hanging


As the Yakub Memon’s scheduled hanging date draws closer, the support for him is increasingly getting louder with a plenty of prominent people questioning the government’s haste to hang this Mumbai blasts accused.

Bollywood actor Salman has now spoken from a public platform questioning the decision to hang Yakub.

Salman, whose latest movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, has just created a record by crossing Rs 200 crore in a single week, has just tweeted.

His first tweet read, ” Hang tiger?” His tweets implied that the real culprit was Tiger, Yakub’s brother and the Indian establishment was hanging a wrong man.

However, Salman’s scriptwriter father Salim later slammed him on the issue, saying, “Whatever Salman has written is ridiculous and meaningless. Salman is ignorant of the issue and people should not take him seriously.”


He followed it up with a second tweet;

“Brother is being hanged for tiger. Aarre Whr is tiger?” (sic)

His subsequent tweets also urged Yakoob Memon’s brother, Tiger Memon, to openly announce his whereabouts and confess the crime.

One of his last tweets said it all about the actor’s stand on Yakub Memon’s hanging. Quoting the verse from Muslims’ holy book of Quran, the actor said the death of an innocent person was the death of humanity.

Salman also added that he would do anything to save his loved ones urging Tiger Memon, who is reportedly hiding in Pakistan, to do the same.

He said that he’d been wanting to tweet this for last three days but was afraid to do so adding that he was forced to express his opinion on a public platform because it ‘involves a man his family.”

Salman Khan, who has more than 13 million followers on twitter, ended his tweet series on Yakub Memon by asking people not to ever address his brother as Tiger, a symbol of bravery.

Experts have described the planned hanging of Yakub a travesty of justice.


  1. but he supported his brother tiger in the crime . no need to show sympathy . Salmaan if you do that then u will loss my support although i am a big fan of u . but nation security comes first . there is no need to bring religion in this matter . We as a Indian citizen are abide to rule of the country & our justice system .. i want to ask one thing where were these all supporters of yakub when hundreds of innocent were killed n he and his family fled to pakistan. tab kahan the ye “Being Human” wale ?

    • well sorry to say but I think you really need to ask this question about where was the help of our government when thousands of Muslims were tortured and raped and cut and burned and brought out of their mothers wombs even before they were suppose to be born, if you are a father then I want to know what would you do if you were asked to rape your daughter in order to live and qhen you refused then they would rape her in front of you.. my dear friend what ever happened is because there was a much much bigger reason behind it but you need to do a bit of reading and research to feel the pain not as a Muslim but as a human I’m sure you will want to pull every hair on your body out of frustration,, when our aadminiatrationitself whose suppose to look after the well being of indianz I repeat Indian and not a Hindu or a Muslim or any oter race. please get your facts right think of his family his wife and daughter he did not commit this someone else did let it be his brother for that matter don’t tell salman that u will loose a fan tell yourself you will loose an Indian brother who will be hanged for someone else’s mistakes I hope I have stirred your innerconsiousness

  2. Salman Khan Ne Apne Khud Ki Bhadhaas Nikal Di,I Remember Ki Salman Ko High Court Ne Guilty Paate Huye 5 Saal Ki Quaid Ki Saja Sunayee Thi,To Ye BHi To Ek Mujrim Hi Hai Tab Tak Jab Tak Supreme Court Iska Faisla Nahin Karta,Aise AAdmi Ka Statement Koi Maayne Nahin Rakhta,Ek Adna sa actor hi to hai woh,koi bada doctor,scienctist to nahin hai,


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