General VK Singh ko chullu bhar paani mein doob jaana chahiye: Lalu Yadav


General VK Singh’s comments making light of the murder of two dalit children in Haryana is fast becoming a big election issue in Bihar. Leaders from the anti-BJP alliance have begun launching attacks with a view extract the much-needed electoral mileage.

After Nitish Kumar’s blistering attack yesterday, it’s the turn of his ally and the RJD leader, Lalu Prasad Yadav, who has asked those ‘insulting dalits’ to drown themselves in ‘chullu bhar paani.’

He told reporters, “Atrocities are being committed against dalits and weaker sections in BJP ruled states. VK Singh ne byaan dia,kutton ko patthar fenka jaaye to isme PM ka dosh nhi;Chullu bhar paani mein doob jaana chahiye in logon ko (VK Singh said that how was PM responsible if someone threw stones at dogs. Such leaders should die of shame.)”

On Thursday, General Singh, a cabinet minister in Narendra Modi’s government, had sparked off a controversy by likening the murder of two dalit children to that of pelting stones at dogs.

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He tweeted, ““Aghast at the senseless comment made by some BJP leaders including Union Minister on tragic Dalit killings in Haryana.”

Delhi chief minister too had called for his removal from the cabinet adding that an FIR must be filed under the SC/ST act against him.

The dominating theme of the huge social media outrage was that this development was likely to badly hurt the poll prospects of BJP in Bihar, where dalit votes are crucial for any alliance to win the elections.


  1. Media is the fourth pillar of democracy & it needs to be neutral,fair,just & reasonable.Any one having common sense can very well understand that the comment of Gen V K Singh is projected in the most perverted manner changing completely the meaning,sense & intention of the comment.People will not be surprised to see any biased comment from a politician,but such perverted & partisan attitude of media?Not acceptable at all.Media will lose all its credibility.Over & above it is mandatory for every journalist & politician to put the prefix ” General”before his name,it is mandatory.News channels should publish the detailed talk of Gen V K Singh & clarify the intention.When there is no bad intention at all ,why an innocent person is being victimized by media?Media has to maintain its dignity & honour.People do not expect decency,probity,fairness from dirty politicians like Lalu or Ashutosh,but expect a lot from media.The most interesting thing is that “Kejriwal ” also could not understand the meaning of the statement?He has secured a degree from IIT?Most probably his literature is weak.He can very well develop his “reading & comprehension” skill by proper utilisation of time & energy in stead of wasting time & energy in irresponsible remarks & sarcasm. So far as Lalu is concern,he can speak any thing,no one takes it seriously,even he has lost all his charm as a joker also as all his jokes have become stereo type.Better lalu should utilise his time in consulting good lawyers who can save him from corruption charges for which court of law has already convicted him with a jail sentence..Let good sense prevail.

    • so according to you the comment made by VK Singh was in good sense. I think for people like you dalits are not human and insulting and torturing dalit is very common thing in society. The system of hinduism is actually based on this principle that dalits are not mean to be having any previledge in the society and they are only mean to serve the people like you. Change you attitude otherwise revolution is not for away.

      • The general’s comments are not on the ‘dalits’ but on working of the local administration for which role of central government cannot be invoked at every throw of a stone.

  2. Those commenting on VK Singh’s utterance have perhaps no serious thing to do. The ‘kutte par patther phenkna’ is a common saying irrespective of the issue involved. Hence it does have no relation with the ‘dalit burning’ involved in this case. If any politician thinks ‘VK Singh should be ashamed of his comments’ then the kukrams of other politicians are such that their several generations should be ashamed of.


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