General Pervez Musharraf back home after fainting due to high blood pressure


Former Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf on Thursday was brought back home after briefly admitted in hospital as he collapsed due to high blood pressure.

Musharraf was admitted in the ICU of the naval hospital in Karachi on Thursday as he fainted due to high blood pressure.

The spokeswoman of Musharraf’s political party, Asia Ishaq, told the BBC that she was with him when the former fainted after complaining of respiratory problem.

The spokeswoman added that Musharraf was shifted to Al-Shifa hospital’s emergency unit before being shifted to the ICU.

Ishaq said that the former army military ruler was back home after spending few hours in the hospital.

She said that Musharraf’s condition was still not better and doctors were being contacted for advice on his medical condition.

The 72-year-old former dictator has restrictions on his international travel and, therefore, can’t travel abroad because of a court order.

He’s facing trial in a special court in connection with serious sedition charges. He hasn’t been to make personal appearnce for the hearing for a long time due to poor health.


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